Have I Been Skimmed???

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anup Shetty


Would one never know the answer to that question unless its too late? 

I have been following posts at InfosecIsland.com and they have been very informative!

The need for spreading the awareness on skimming attacks has started to take precedence with people opting out of online transactions fearing the evil of online attacks, or maybe some just like the plain old lucky ATM machine.

With the scammers improvising day in and day out, deterrent controls need to be put in place.

The PCI has merchants needing to cover this under the PIN Transaction Security Program Requirements and PCI Data Security Standard but for an user of the services, this has to come through awareness:

  • Keep an eye on your credit card when you hand it over for payment
  • Pay attention to the look of your favorite ATM machine - has it changed?
  • Check your receipts against your statements every month. Does everything match up? If you find an unfamiliar transaction, report the crime to the police and your financial institution!
  • Finally, monitor your credit!!

Financial institutions need to step up and work on things like a login banner on their ATM kiosks which informs an user of such instances and what they need to be careful about, items that people can take notice of and report their suspicion to a certain helpline number or sorts, or inform the security staff at the kiosk, send out awareness newsletters to their customers, etc.

Hardware tampering on handhelds are tough to crack unless multiple cases of fraud investigation leads to the fraudsters. But awareness and regular tracking one's card accounts leads down the road to detection.

So the next time you swipe your card at a tacky joint that you did not have an option to, be sure to be more vigilant on your account.

Good money has been spent to setup a global organised crime scene and it is an accelarating trend.

The probability of cracking down such cases is better than email and phone scams as we saw in the dismantling of an global ATM skimming operation based out of Bulgaria by the Europol.

So spread the word, warn your friends, family and everyone you know to keep an eye out the next time they visit and ATM or hand out their credit card.

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