Will Government Work Help You Gain Security Skills?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lee Munson


Will Working For The Government Help You Gain Better Skills When It Comes To Security?

With some things in life, no matter how much you read about the situation or how much you see the situation on television, it is better to be able to experience for yourself.

Since we are in the digital age, some of us seem to think that all we have to do is visit a web site and we will be able to learn everything about a topic that we need to know. That is just not the case. We still need to be able to have an actual human experience with some topics.

When it comes to the world of computer security there are different levels of experience that people can have in the field. Some people can claim that they have a lot of experience because they were on the other side of the legal fence at one point and were able to pull themselves out of it. But even though they are not operating on that side of the law anymore, they still have that experience to draw on.

Other people in the security industry are able to draw on their experience working at small firms securing their local networks. While this is an important job, you are still not able to gain the real security experience that you would get at other places. You not only do not have the equipment to work on as someone else who worked at a bigger place would, you also do not have the amount of attacks that they have to deal with as well.

So where is a good place where you can not only gain experience with the latest machines but also have to protect important data from attackers around the world? Working for the government.

Why would I want to work for the government?

This is a good question. Why would you want to work for the government? We are not even going to say anything about it being your patriotic duty but some people do choose to look at this way.

We are not even going to talk about the great benefits that you get from such a job. While you do get great benefits, if not great pay, people in this field are usually more interested in other things beside money.

They want a challenge and to be able to say that they work at a job where they learn something new every day. No, the main reason for working for the government in the security field is because it will gain you a lot more experience when dealing with attacks from around the world.

When it comes to government computers, they tend to be the tastiest item on a black hat hackers menu. While being able to hack into other peoples computers is very interesting, more often than not you are not going to find anything of interest. It will be some old outdated bills and maybe some banking information.

This is why most black hat hackers go after targets that are a little more interesting. They will go after large corporations that interest them and government computers and web sites, i.e. LulzSec and the CIA attack. Anything that is considered a government computer is of major interest to them because they believe that they will be able to find out all sorts of secrets that the public doesn't know.

It is because of actions like this the government is always hiring people who will be able to help them with their security issues. The reason why they have so many problems when it comes to hiring good people in the security field is because of both background checks and they do not pay as good as private firms.

The reason why background checks are such a big deal is because they do not allow anyone with a criminal record to work with classified government data. And if you are working for a computer security company, you are going to be working with a lot of data that fits that description. A lot of very good hackers in the field may have a dark past relating to their activity.

Also pay becomes a factor because as we said before, the pay for a government employee does not equal out to the pay of a private employee. To offset that usually government jobs are a lot more secure than private sector jobs.

But if you work for the governments securing computers then you are going to see a lot more action and you will be able to work anywhere else in the field. Because everyone knows that someone who works in the government doing computer security will already have a lot of experience.

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