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Wednesday, May 18, 2011



While Facebook enjoys the coveted spot as the world's number one destination for social networking, the platform's success comes at high price, as Facebook continues to be targeted by new scams and exploits on an almost daily basis.

The latest in a slew of mischievous undertakings is the appearance of the "Enable Dislike Button" scam.

Many users have probably thought to themselves how nifty it would be if Facebook offered a counter to the "Like" button - a way to register one's disapproval of another member's posting.

Clever cyber scammers have thought of this too, and reports are surfacing that users are seeing the option to enable a "Dislike" feature on their Facebook accounts.

Clicking on the link will result in the posting of messages on the walls of the victim's contacts which contain further solicitations and links designed to infect more users.

One version of the "Dislike" scam appears as follows:


 Another example of the faux "Dislike"solicitation appears as such:


Facebook does not offer a "Dislike" feature, nor does the social network offer the ability to see who has been viewing your member profile, the basis of another scam that has been placing fake messages on member's walls with a solicitation to follow a tainted link.

While neither scam has thus far proved to be distributing viruses that would disrupt a victim's computer, both exploits appear to employ hidden javascript code that would enable the attackers to study the user's browsing habits, and it is possible that the scams could be adapted to infect victim's computers with harmful malware.

Facebook has implemented several new security and privacy features this year, including the option to view Facebook over a secure SSL connection (HTTPS), the option to enable two-factor authentication ("Login Approval"), and notifications when an attempt to login to your account has been made from an unrecognized device ("Login Notifications").

To enable these security features, users need to go to the "Account" drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of their Facebook page, choose "Account Settings" and then the"Account Security" option.

Check the boxes for each of the features and follow the directions. For the "Login Approval" feature, you will need to have your cell phone handy to complete the process.

Source:  http://www.techkranti.com/2011/05/enable-dislike-button-scam-on-facebook.html

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