Job Scams Up As Economy Struggles

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Robert Siciliano


If you are paying attention to the economists, we aren’t out of this just yet. High unemployment is keeping scammers employed by preying on the vulnerable.

While burglaries are up, personal and home security goes beyond home alarm systems. It means scammers are coming from all directions.

In general, there are a few types of job related scams to be aware of. Rule of thumb is if it isn’t a job that you are familiar with or a service you have heard of, it is probably a scam.

If it’s not a job you would see printed on a business card, it’s a scam.

Work at home”, make $1000.00 a week, etc are mostly scams. This can be anything from assembling a product to stuffing envelopes to answering the phone. Most require some kind of initial investment, which should be a tip off.

I’m told there are legitimate work at home opportunities out there, but I’ve never met one person who answered a classified ad and is working from home as a result.

While headhunters are real professionals, not all pay for placement services are legitimate.

Head hunters generally charge the company for finding the employee and sometimes will charge the employee once hired. You should never pay an upfront fee to find a job.

Job lists being sold that promise a database or printout of employers looking for talent are attractive offers that often come with a full money back warranty.

The problem is the lists are often spotty or even non-existent and the warranty is bogus as you will never get your money back.

Some job scams are designed simply to get your personal information including social security number and credit card numbers.

Never provide your information over the phone or online. If they insist on a background check get one yourself and send it to them.

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Lovi Poe Many individuals who are selling things door-to-door are perfectly honest and have a tough job. However, not all are, and some wish to do more than just to get you hopelessly addicted to infernally delicious cookies. A number of door-to-door frauds are being documented nationwide, so the amount of them active in many areas might be increasing. Some people end up needing installment loans to get by until the month is over after a scam.
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