IT Skills and Salary Report 2011 from Global Knowledge

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Global Knowledge


While the global economic recession of recent years has largely been replaced by a lethargic recovery, many workers continue to be impacted by job loss, reduction in salary and benefits, or job change.

IT professionals have felt the impact of these economic tremors along with the rest of their colleagues.

Organizations continue to use computers, networks, and software applications as the primary tools for doing business – in fact many have increased their reliance on IT systems in the face of streamlined staffing – but these organizations are also changing the ways they do business and looking for efficiencies wherever they can find them.

Our annual skills and salary survey, the fourth in partnership between Global Knowledge and TechRepublic, sought to capture the magnitude of these changes.

As a result, new questions have been added to yield deeper insight into the factors effecting job satisfaction, the importance of skills development with training delivered across multiple delivery methods, current and expected business conditions by industry, and expected areas of concerns in the year to come.

Over 12,000 IT professionals from around the globe responded to the survey, which was completed online between October 11 to November 19, 2010.

Download the full report here:

2011 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge

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