Global GovCloud and the Virtual Environment

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kevin L. Jackson


Recently I had the awesome experience of participating in a global tele-presence conference on government cloud computing.

Joining me as presenters were Blake Salle, Senior Vice President of VCE, who shared a roadmap which focused on goals and objectives to better serve government organizations and their constituents, and Joshua McCloud, Public Sector Solutions Architect for European Markets at Cisco who facilitated the conversation amongst the global Public Sector participants.

For those not familiar with The Virtual Computing Environment Company (VCE), it was formed by Cisco and EMC, with investments from VMware and Intel, to accelerate the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models. 

VCE, through the Vblock platform, delivers the industry's first completely integrated IT offering with end-to-end vendor accountability.

VCE's prepackaged solutions are available through an extensive partner network, and cover horizontal applications, vertical industry offerings, and application development environments, allowing customers to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating and managing IT infrastructure.

Focusing on international GovCloud, the event linked participants from Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Rome, San Jose, and Washington.

Presentations from EDV-Centrum fur Kirche und Diakonie (ECKD), one of Germany's leading IT providers for churches, and Junta de La Mancha (Toledo Spain) highlighted cloud computing's value to the public sector.

The discussion also touched on GovCloud activities in UK and Mexico.

A key takeaway for me was that pre-integrated cloud infrastructure solutions like Vblock have actually been credited for greatly reducing the non-recurring engineering cost associated with the deployment of private clouds.

Thank you to all for organizing this important event.

USBE & IT Winter Issue Focuses on Cyber Security 

A thank you to USBE&IT Publisher Mr. Tyrone Taborn for such an inspiring issue and my sincere appreciation to Mr. Frank McCoy for my inclusion in his list of Cyber visionaries!

The Homeland Security, Government and Defense Edition of US Black Engineer Information Technology inspires as much as it informs.



An awesome publication, from the interview with President Obama's cyber security coordinator, Mr. Howard A. Schmidt, through the cover story "Top Blacks in the Military & Defense" (which highlighted my fellow "Variations" bandmate and USNA alumni Admiral Andy Winns), to the Cyber Security Visionaries article (in which I am honored to be included).

As Mr. Taborn stated on his page, "We need a dynamic, diverse and driven cyber security workforce primed to stand guard for government and commerce, healthcare and global media." In this issue you have provided just a sampling of the many excellent role models working today.

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