Criminal Networks Thrive in Online Black Markets

Friday, January 21, 2011



PandaLabs researchers engaged in some undercover snooping and have discovered that criminal networks are selling stolen credit card information for as little as $2.00 per account.

The "budget" information does not include account balances though - for that information one needs to fork out about $80.00.

Sound like a bargain deal? Well, for a mere $700.00, someone can purchase account credentials that guarantee access to balances of at least $80,000.00 - just pennies on the dollar for the potential yield.

"PandaLabs discovered a vast network selling stolen bank details along with other types of products in forums and more than 50 dedicated online stores," the researchers reported.

Criminally minded individuals can also rent zombie computer botnets to conduct mass SPAM distribution operations for as low as $15.00.

Other items for sale in the booming underworld markets include authentication details, login passwords, and other formerly private information.

Networks of scammers have also devised elaborate cooperative systems to effectively assist one another in setting up and maintaining criminal operations.

"If buyers want to use stolen bank details to buy products online, but are wary of being traced through the delivery address, the cyber criminals will make the purchase and forward the goods for a fee of between $30 and $300," PandaLabs said.


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