Hacktivist Confirms Infecting Anonymous DHN.zip File

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



The hacktivist known only as The Jester (th3j35t3r) has confirmed rumors that he had "infected" the latest version of the tool used by the Anonymous movement to perpetrate a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Word of the hacktivist's tampering with the DHN.zip file that contains the downloadable tool dispersed to Anonymous supporters first came to light in a blog posted January 8th By theworldexposed, which stated:

"That’s right ladies and gents, trolls and trollettes, skiddie, wannabe, and poser…. The DHN files that you are downloading, using, and “playing” with are altered versions of the original.  These lovely beauties are, in fact, infected by none other than th3j35t3r."

Of the alterations to the new version, the author states that "it gives up paths, usernames, ip, MAC, sysinfo, everything..."

The Jester confirmed the alterations to the Anonymous tool in his blog posted January 18th:

"...I infected their ‘new improved tool’ DHN.zip – as is clearly stated in the above article, I also made sure that Anonymous knew that I had infected the new DHN.zip in order to ‘play fair’ – I gave fair warning – so it would have been a bad choice on the part of a user to use it or indeed for anonymous to advise people to use it."

Developers associated with Anonymous were reported to be working to correct deficiencies in the older LOIC code which left participants vulnerable to identification by authorities, but that did not stop Anonymous organizers from making the tool available for mass download anyway.

According to the Jester's post, Anonymous was warned that the DHN.zip file had been altered to render the "anonymous" features of the tool useless, but again Anonymous distributed the tool to unwitting followers.

This further demonstrates that the script-kiddie fad known as Anonymous lacks the maturity required to carry off a meaningful political or social movement.

An article titled Anonymous Movement is Fueled by Cowardice correctly states:

"The Anonymous DDoS attacks should be rightfully categorized as just another form of mass censorship driven by the tantrums of politically and philosophically infantile neophytes who lack any substantial moral convictions, and who are easily swayed by the pseudo-rage of a mob mentality..."

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john rice The thing that amazes me is that the Anonymous leadership continued to support and encourage their "followers" to download the modified version. The modifications were not secret, it was known that they were done. Also, are their followers so desperate to feel "L33T" that they didn't research what it was they were installing on their boxes???

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