Anonymous Hacks Into Fine Gael Website

Monday, January 10, 2011



The website of the second largest political party in Ireland in terms of Parliamentary seats held, Fine Gael, has been breached by hackers associated with the international script-kiddie movement known as Anonymous.

The hackers are alleged to have accessed account details of thousands of members, including emails addresses and phone numbers.

Fine Gail's recently launched website was defaced, and the following message was inserted:

Fine Gael website comes under attack

Fine Gael's site is hosted on U.S. servers by a company called Rackspace who was contracted through Fine Gael's media partner ElectionMall.

ElectionMall representatives have apparently reported the transgression to U.S. authorities, and the FBI is said to be looking into the event.

The FBI is in already possession of log data that contains the IP addresses of participants in last month's series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks orchestrated by the pro-WikiLeaks ensemble known as Anonymous.

According to affidavits obtained by The Smoking Gun, the attacks have been traced to servers in Dallas, Texas and British Columbia.

Also, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) campaign launched by Anonymous against Tunisian government websites called Operation:Tunisia has completely backfired by putting the lives of the people Anonymous claims to be helping at risk.

The Tunisian government began rounding up activists and bloggers last week in efforts to gain more information about the DDoS attacks launched by Anonymous.

The tactics of Anonymous should be rightfully categorized as just another form of mass censorship driven by the tantrums of politically and philosophically infantile neophytes who lack any substantial moral convictions, and who are easily swayed by the pseudo-rage of a mob mentality.

Anonymous claims to champion free speech, but their actions demonstrate that they are nothing more than petty vandals who seek to deny the free flow of information.

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