USB Device Containing Military Secrets Missing

Wednesday, January 05, 2011



A removable USB storage device, alleged to contain classified level-two U.S. military secrets, is missing in South Korea.

The was first reported missing in July, but the Army officer responsible for the hardware falsely reported to superiors that he had located the unit and then discarded it because of a defect.

Defense Security Command (DSC) received an anonymous tip in December that the device was in fact still missing, but failed to open an investigation at that time.

"We received the information on Dec. 13. It was dismissed because we thought the anonymous informant had little credibility," an official with the DSC stated.

The device is said to contain strategic information related to a forward battalion in the contentious Korean peninsula. The officer reported to have lost the USB unit and lied about it is said to hold the rank of Major in the U.S. Army.

A source familiar with the case says, "the military unit, the DSC and ministry of defense were all informed of the case but never took action. It (the drive) contains confidential information on national security, but nobody knows where it is."

Tensions are running high between North and South Korea after the North recently shelled an Island in an area where the border between the two nations is disputed.

The U.S. began extensive joint military exercises in the area with the south Korean military shortly after.

The Pentagon recently banned the use of removable memory devices on its classified networks.


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