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Necessary Security Updates for 2012

January 24, 2012 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Never before have so many criminals been so organized across borders as they are today. The Internet has spawned international crime syndicates of the best criminal minds who seek to take from you, your government, and all the merchants we rely on to provide products and services...

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China’s “Online Blue Army” Ready

January 19, 2012 Added by:Dan Dieterle

Growing up I heard numerous times that the Soviet's needed so many missiles to protect it’s vast land mass from aggressors. Everyone knew that the large missile stockpile was more of a threat than a safety net. It seems that China may be trying to play the same card...

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Internet-Wide Protests Against the Blacklist Legislation

January 18, 2012 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

The SOPA and PIPA blacklist bills are dangerous: if made into law, they would hamper innovation, kill jobs, wreak havoc on Internet security, and undermine the free speech principles upon which our country was founded...

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FBI: Russians Face Charges for International Cyber Crimes

January 18, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Vladimir Zdorovenin and his son engaged in serial cyber crimes in Russia that targeted Americans and wrought havoc with their personal and financial information, using it to make phony purchases and to manipulate stock prices...

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Why I Won’t Teach You To Track Terrorists Online

January 17, 2012 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

This is an organic process. I learned by just doing it and in the process of “doing it” I had to learn A LOT of other things apart from technology issues like hacking/security/coding etc. Remember you are dealing with PEOPLE and you have to be adept and reading them...

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SOPA/PIPA: The Internet Goes to Washington on January 18

January 13, 2012 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Representative Darrell Issa, an outspoken SOPA critic and the author of alternative legislation called the OPEN Act, has announced that Congress will hold a hearing to hear from actual technical experts, technology job creators, Internet investors and legal scholars...

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Data Loss Prevention Step 4: Prevent Network Cross-Connect

January 11, 2012 Added by:Rafal Los

Preventing network cross-connect used to be simple as making sure your VPN client wasn't able to perform split-tunneling so malware couldn't bounce to your corporate office. If your corporate office is virtual all that stopped mattering...

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US vs The World - The Cyber Monroe Doctrine

January 10, 2012 Added by:Don Eijndhoven

Not unlike other testimonies on the subject of Cyber Warfare and Cyber Doctrine coming from the US, we see a very 'red-blooded American' attitude seeping through, and quite frankly that's not helping matters...

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ICS-CERT: Control System Internet Accessibility Advisory

January 09, 2012 Added by:Headlines

The use of readily available and generally free search tools significantly reduces time and resources required to identify Internet facing control systems. In turn, hackers can use these tools to easily identify exposed control systems, posing an increased risk of attack...

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Autumn Spring: A Philosophical Look at the Internet

December 28, 2011 Added by:Richard Thieme

Internet pioneers such as J. C. R. Licklider, saw what would happen when we plugged computers into one another: We will live in a human-computer symbiosis, a coupling of symbol-manipulating networks that will be much greater than the sum of its parts...

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Chrome Most Secure? Depends on Your Frame of Reference

December 21, 2011 Added by:Ed Moyle

Until recently Chrome supported SSL 2.0 by default (seems like a major no-no in my humble opinion) and the fact that Firefox is the only one of the big three to have OCSP checking enabled by default. This aspect of "browsing security" is a "score one" for Firefox in my estimation...

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Illegal Movie Upload Yields Federal Prison Sentence

December 21, 2011 Added by:Headlines

“The federal prison sentence handed down in this case sends a strong message of deterrence to would-be Internet pirates. The Justice Department will pursue and prosecute persons who seek to steal the intellectual property of this nation..."

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Plagiarism in IT Security - Walking a Fine Line

December 09, 2011 Added by:Rafal Los

At the end of the day, shouldn't we all be professionals? I know it's nice to think that everyone is honest - but as the infosec world expands and there is a massive influx of people trying to make a name for themselves - there will be dishonesty. This is where the community comes in...

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Is Al Qaeda’s Internet Strategy Working?

December 07, 2011 Added by:Stefano Mele

While almost all terrorist organizations have websites, al Qaeda is the first to fully exploit the Internet. This reflects al Qaeda’s unique characteristics. It regards itself as a global movement and therefore depends on a global communications network to reach its perceived constituents...

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Top Ten Most Easily Guessed Passwords

November 21, 2011 Added by:Headlines

Are you using the password “password” or “123456″? If so congratulations, you are using one of the top two worst and easiest to guess passwords on the internet. Splashdata creates an annual list of the worst passwords to use on the net, and here are the top 10 for 2011...

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Trust: A Rare Commodity Online

November 09, 2011 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Dishonesty poses a challenge to banks and retailers in the form of theft. Theft is a big problem on the Internet, and any online business knows that they can’t afford to trust you, regardless of how honest you may be. The FFIEC recently instructed retailers and banks to enhance their security...

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