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Cyber Security Goes Ballistic

April 16, 2013 Added by:Jarno Limnéll

Cyberweapons are now comparable to the ballistic nuclear missile arsenal of the US, which also resides under the jurisdiction of the President. Giving the President cyber-initiative responsibilities speaks volumes regarding the serious attitude to which they are treated.

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Silky Paws Need Claws – The Problems of Defensive Cyberstrategies

March 25, 2013 Added by:Jarno Limnéll

For societies and armed forces there is today no credible defense without cyber capabilities. The cyber arms race has started, and its speed is accelerating. Nations and other entities are using online weapons, because they are thousands of times cheaper than conventional armaments.

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Under CISPA, Who Can Get Your Data?

March 21, 2013 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Under CISPA, companies can collect your information in order to "protect the rights and property" of the company, and then share that information with third parties, including the government, so long as it is for "cybersecurity purposes."

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Congress is Hurting the U.S. Regarding Cybersecurity

March 19, 2013 Added by:Joel Harding

If Congress doesn’t wake up and begin asking serious questions around cybersecurity, their inattention is going to cause us great harm in the coming years.

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