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Bit9 Releases 2013 Server Security Survey Report

March 30, 2013 Added by:Mike Lennon

Security vendor Bit9, best known for its application whitelisting solutions, recently released its second annual server security survey of nearly 1,000 IT and security professionals worldwide.

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All Up in Your Bitness.

February 18, 2013 Added by:Wendy Nather

Security is an unrelenting business, one that you can never prove is done adequately. You'll never be finished, and you can never know if you can even take a break. And it's never fully appreciated by the people who make a living based on that reality: the vulnerability finders and the "solution" providers.

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Bit9 Suffers Breach After Failing to Follow Corporate Policy

February 11, 2013 Added by:Steve Ragan

If you need a one off example this week of why internal policies are important, or why failure to adhere to them could spell trouble, look no further than Bit9.

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