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Security in Operational Technology: Five Top Trends in 2018

January 05, 2018 Added by:Jalal Bouhdada

Top five security trends to watch for in 2018

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State of the Union Advice to President Obama

January 20, 2015 Added by:Alan Cohen

Why the American government must play an essential role in catalyzing a national response to the emerging cyber crisis, business and private citizens can also take a leading role in safeguarding our data and preserving both our way of life and our commercial base. Here are 4 areas worth considering in the context of business.

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DARPA on Cyber Targeted-Attack Analyzer program & micro-satellites

February 11, 2013 Added by:Plagiarist Paganini

Protect the country, population and assets from cyber threats, this is a must for every government, a challenge for every state, new processes, large investment and innovative researches are the topics most debated in this period. Yesterday I wrote about the Russian government and its commitment to strengthen cyber defense, today I desire to introduce how US are trying to improve their cyber capa...

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