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FCC Prompts ISPs to Adopt Code of Conduct Standards

February 24, 2012 Added by:Headlines

"If we fail to tackle these challenges, we will pay the price in the form of diminished safety, lost privacy, lost jobs, and financial vulnerability – billions of dollars potentially lost to digital criminals," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said...

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IPv6: The End of Security As We Know It

September 21, 2011 Added by:Craig S Wright

People have seen IPv6 as a simple addressing extension to the existing internet and see few changes to the way we secure systems. These people cannot be further from the truth. IPv6 will change the way we think about security. We need to start planning now or we will be left in the dust...

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Domain Name System and Cyber Security Vulnerability

October 11, 2010 Added by:Jon Stout

The original design of the Domain Name System did not include robust security features; it was designed to be a scalable and open distributed system with backwards compatibility, and attempts to add security were rudimentary and did not keep pace with malicious hackers...

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