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Update on the Visa - MasterCard - GPN Breach

April 03, 2012 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Global Payments' announced that Track 2 data was stolen, which is used by the bank. Track 1 data generally refers to the information reported on the front of a bank card. So if this information was stolen along with that contained in Track 2, it is possible to clone a card...

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Visa and MasterCard Alert Banks of Massive Processor Breach

March 30, 2012 Added by:Headlines

"Visa Inc. is aware of a potential data compromise incident at a third party entity... Visa has provided payment card issuers with the affected account numbers so they can take steps to protect consumers through independent fraud monitoring and, if needed, reissuing cards..."

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Why The Push For EMV Adoption In The United States?

February 20, 2012 Added by:PCI Guru

What is Visa USA trying to prove with this push of EMV? Apparently only Visa USA can tell us because, for the rest of us, there are no business cases we can construct to justify the switch to EMV. Obviously, Visa USA knows something that the rest of us do not. Or do they?

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Which Will Make a Bigger Splash in 2012 - Mobile Wallet or EMV?

February 01, 2012 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Visa has announced plans to accelerate the migration to EMV contact and contactless chip technology in the United States. The company intends to encourage investments in infrastructure necessary to accept and process both new forms of payment technology...

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Restaurant Challenges US Bank and PCI DSS after Seizure of Funds

January 26, 2012 Added by:Andrew Weidenhamer

"The PCI system is less a system for securing customer card data than a system for raking in profits for the card companies via fines and penalties. Visa and MasterCard impose fines on merchants even when there is no fraud loss at all, simply because the fines are profitable...”

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The EMV-Contactless World According to Visa

October 11, 2011 Added by:PCI Guru

If Visa were to work with the industry to produce a common API for EMV and contactless cards with PIN online, that would drive adoption of more secure cards in the US because there would be a business reason for adoption. Without such a driver, they are still a solution looking for a problem...

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Why Visa Is Upset

September 13, 2011 Added by:PCI Guru

Visa’s beef with my post is the implied connotation by using the term ‘Chip and PIN’ that a PIN would be required. All I was trying to do was to provide an easily Google-able term for people interested in EMV. Such a complaint from Visa is laughable if it were not so sad...

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Card Brand Merchant Level Tables

September 08, 2011 Added by:PCI Guru

Sometimes you can negotiate with your processor or acquiring bank to get your multiple legal entities treated as a single entity and do one compliance filing. The key is that you need to negotiate this change before you start your PCI compliance efforts, not after the fact...

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Visa Introduces TIP for Merchants

March 01, 2011 Added by:Andrew Weidenhamer

For organizations that are using end-to-end encryption technology, do not have access to the encryption key, and are not storing any cardholder information, it would cost less to perform an On-Site Assessment because the PCI-DSS requirements the merchant has to adhere to are significantly reduced...

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Payment Card Industry Pursues Profits Over Security

November 10, 2010 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

With credit and debit card fraud as prevalent as it is, why would card brands push a product that is responsible for ten times more fraud than another? The answer is quite simple: The riskier the transaction, the higher the fees charged to the merchant - and ultimately to the consumer...

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Visa Puts Heartland on Probation Over Breach

March 13, 2009 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

HPS is now in a probationary period, during which it is subject to a number of risk conditions including more stringent security assessments, monitoring and reporting. Subject to these conditions, Heartland will continue to serve as a processor in the Visa system...

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