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Five Steps to a Successful Social Attack

April 29, 2012 Added by:Neira Jones

You might not fall for these attacks, but how many members of your family would? How many employees in your organization would, from field staff to C-level execs? Different people will have different thresholds to these attacks. Security education and awareness is key...

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The FBI Discusses Internet Social Networking Risks

April 05, 2012 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

Social networking sites have created a revolution in connectivity. However, con artists, criminals, and other actors are exploiting this capability for nefarious purposes. There are primarily two tactics used to exploit social networks. In practice, they are often combined...

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Protect Yourself from Vishing Scams

March 30, 2012 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Vishing occurs when criminals cold-call victims and attempt to persuade them to divulge personal information over the phone. These scammers are generally after credit card numbers and personal identifying information, which can then be used to commit financial theft...

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How to Hack Into the Music Industry

March 29, 2012 Added by:Quintius Walker

When it comes to the vulnerabilities presented by the online aspects of the music industry, the opportunities for penetration tester’s to employ their skills are far and wide. However, they are still for the most part often overlooked. And with great peril...

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It's not Illegal if You Consent: Malware's Dirty Little Tricks

March 08, 2012 Added by:Rafal Los

Bad guys often rely on the end-user's lack of awareness, employing some dirty tricks like creating a convincing web page that looks just like your antivirus software, or something equally dastardly. But there's another trick that makes me crazy: End User License Agreements...

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How to Protect Yourself from Skimmers

February 28, 2012 Added by:Christopher Rodgers

When you swipe your credit or debit card, are you handing over your personal information to criminals? Skimming is a process scammers use to steal credit or debit card information. Scammers use devices called skimmers to accomplish skimming in everyday transactions...

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Is LinkedIn Really Secure?

February 24, 2012 Added by:Brittany Lyons

LinkedIn has faced scams and viral attacks, and users have watched private information become public without their permission. Online vulnerability is a problem, and though LinkedIn has addressed issues in a punctual manner, this does not prevent new problems from arising...

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Tax Season Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

February 09, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Due to the upcoming tax deadline, US-CERT reminds users to remain cautious when receiving unsolicited email that could be part of a potential phishing scam or malware campaign. These messages may appear to be from the IRS and ask users to submit personal information...

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New Drive-By Malware Spam Infects Upon Opening Email

February 01, 2012 Added by:Plagiarist Paganini

According the announcement from researchers at Eleven, a German security firm, it is sufficient that a communication is merely opened in the email client to infect the target without the user clicking on a link or opening an attachment...

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DMARC Email Authentication Work Group Launched

January 31, 2012 Added by:Headlines

The group's work includes a draft specification that helps create a feedback loop between legitimate email senders and receivers to make impersonation more difficult for phishers trying to send fraudulent email...

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Beware the TypoSquatters

January 24, 2012 Added by:Theresa Payton

Cybercriminals go where the action is - they wait for websites to get popular and then register domain names based on popular mis-spellings. Once the typosquatter lures you to their site, they use all types of tricks to get you to give them your personal information...

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Facebook Attacks Feed Affiliate Marketing Scams

January 04, 2012 Added by:Headlines

"After users first click on the scams, malware or malicious scripts are to blame for the further spread of slightly over half the analyzed scams, with those falling into three main categories: likejacking, rogue applications, and malware or self-XSS..."

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Feast of the Seven Phishes 2011

December 30, 2011 Added by:Robert Siciliano

One of my holiday traditions is to expose the year’s phishing scams. The following examples come straight from my inbox or spam filter, and have been abbreviated to demonstrate the nature of the scam and specific hook being used...

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A Sherriff Issues Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

December 27, 2011 Added by:Robert Siciliano

We are coming up on one of the most festive times of the year for families with the celebration of several holidays. However, joy and fun can quickly turn to disappointment and sorrow when someone becomes a victim of a scam, burglary or online fraudulent holiday shopping scheme

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CERT Warns of Holiday Phishing and Malware Campaigns

December 06, 2011 Added by:Headlines

"US-CERT encourages users and administrators to use caution when encountering email messages and take the following preventative measures to protect themselves from phishing scams and malware campaigns..."

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Holiday Headaches Coming for Consumers

December 01, 2011 Added by:Robert Siciliano

When handing your card to a clerk or cashier, pay close attention. The card should be swiped through a point of sale terminal or keyboard card reader once, maybe twice. If your card is swiped through an additional reader, the card number may have been stolen...

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