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EFF Challenges National Security Letter Statute

July 22, 2012 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Under the national security letter statute, the FBI can issue demands for records and gag provisions without court authorization, and recipient telecommunications and financial companies have no way to determine whether and how the government might be overreaching or otherwise abusing its authority...

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A Detailed Analysis of the DDoS Phenomena

April 16, 2012 Added by:Plagiarist Paganini

The report showed 19.1TB of data and 14 billion packets of malicious traffic were aimed at financial services during Q4 2011, and that the traffic increased during Q1 2012, with 65TB of data and 1.1 trillion packets that were identified and mitigated. The figures are amazing...

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Financial Sector Remains Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

January 03, 2012 Added by:Headlines

"Within government, responsibility is fragmented. In America, the Treasury, other financial regulators, the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the FBI, the National Security Agency and others all have a hand in financial cybersecurity..."

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