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How We Might Wage War in Cyberspace

September 19, 2012 Added by:Joel Harding

With the way US forces are distributed globally, cyber capabilities and flexibilities are enhanced. Cyber, both offense and defense, can be launched from anywhere. All Combatant Commanders have liaisons and representative elements with geographic commands, Cyber Command is no different...

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Cyber Militias in the US: Feasibility, Structure, and Purpose

August 21, 2012 Added by:

Offensive cyber attacks benefit from their lack of structure and diversity of attack vectors. Cyber militias can be assigned a target and given the ability to choose their methods based on their capabilities. The absence of formal rules of engagement allows the cyber militia to exercise creativity and innovation...

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Pentagon to Regionalize Cyber Response Capabilities

June 12, 2012 Added by:Headlines

“Although cyberspace presents some very unique characteristics, this transitional model is designed to continue DoD’s efforts at normalizing cyber as an integrated function with other land, maritime, air and space functions,” DoD spokesperson Lt. Col. April Cunningham said...

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The US Cyber Guard Begins

May 17, 2012 Added by:Joel Harding

US cyber defenses will now include more than just the US Cyber Command and the Department of Homeland Security. Eventually it may include somewhere around 8,000 contractors, mostly defense contractors. Of course the conspiracy theorists will begin screaming “big brother”...

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U.S. Officials Warn of Global Cyber Arms Race

April 11, 2012 Added by:Headlines

"What we're looking at is a global cyber arms race. It's not proceeding at a leisurely or even a linear fashion but in fact is accelerating. I wouldn't claim that it's following Moore's law, but the curve looks kind of similar," said U.S. Cyber Command's Rear Admiral Samuel Cox...

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An Anatomy of US Cyber Command

April 10, 2012 Added by:Dan Dieterle

When you think of USCYBERCOM, the Air Force comes to mind immediately. Since the beginning, the Air Force has been a driving force behind US Cyber War. But there is another group that is more responsible for the creation of USCYBERCOM and actually forms the Command’s backbone...

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Are You Cyber Savvy?

October 25, 2011 Added by:Joel Harding

What really set him apart was Social Engineering combined with his hacking. He did his research, he would study, he would probe, and then he would do whatever it took to get a password, to get a free account, to get root access, to get into a facility and physically touch the system...

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A US Cyber Auxiliary?

September 27, 2011 Added by:Joel Harding

Four years ago a few of us were pulled into a STRATCOM study group and I coughed up a furball when the idea of a cyber militia was surfaced. I thought the press would have a field day with that concept and it would be a PR fiasco. Now I’m not too sure...

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How to Wage War in Cyberspace with Iran

September 15, 2011 Added by:Joel Harding

Iran has already begun deployment of cyber forces in small teams throughout the world to avoid devastation if the networks internal to Iran are crippled. A myriad of intelligence agencies are gathering as much intelligence as possible for a possible war in cyberspace with Iran...

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Did China Really Expose a Cyber Attack Tool?

August 30, 2011 Added by:Joel Harding

Wow, it’s really cool that we have proof that China not only has the capabilities but has been caught red-handed attacking a website, and the target they’re attacking is located inside the US. I’m sure somebody at the new US Cyber Command jumped up and down and said, “Yes! We have proof..."

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Politics Trumps Security in Dubious White House Hire

July 19, 2011 Added by:Headlines

Callahan was the ex-Clinton staffer who famously lost thousands of White House e-mails which were under subpoena, and was also dismissed by the Department of Homeland Security after a Congressional investigation determined she lied about her education and experience credentials...

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