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Lessons in the Evolution of Compliance in China

August 16, 2012 Added by:Thomas Fox

As Chinese companies engage with partners, globally and locally, their internal and external business practices are evolving. The article “The Myths of Gift Giving” found that many Chinese companies now put greater emphasis on professionalism and building trust and confidence in business capabilities...

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What Information Security Can Learn from Waiting Tables

August 12, 2012 Added by:Robb Reck

What makes an organization effective is in knowing what their customer-base needs or wants. We are only as valuable as the service we give to our customers. For many of us, our primary customers are internal. The business leaders, the IT department, our vendors, and many others are the customers who are served...

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Security Vendors: Absit Reverentia Vero

July 09, 2012 Added by:

Vendors are driven to sell and sell at all costs. Product features stagnate, services under perform. We the customers suffer and the security postures of all organizations plummets. Adversaries can spend less on penetration innovation while at the same time more easily bypass our defenses...

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KPN Hack: Why was Customer Notification Delayed?

February 13, 2012 Added by:Plagiarist Paganini

The login credentials were stored in plain text in the repository that had been exposed, and that is absurd. This is a failure of the basic security procedures that should be recognized internationally, and is an offense for which there should be heavy penalties...

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Hacker Boasts of Intel Corporation Network Breach

February 13, 2012 Added by:Headlines

A hacker who goes by the handles "WeedGrower" and "X-pOSed" claims to have breached tech giant Intel and to have gained access to an subscriber database that contains sensitive information including passwords, social security and credit card numbers...

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Designing Security with Brand in Mind

February 06, 2012 Added by:Steven Fox, CISSP, QSA

Why is it important to deliver security services consistent with your brand? The fundamental archetype created by your brand must be supported by behaviors which confirm its relevance. Performance that is inconsistent will lead your customers to question your brand promise...

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Post-Breach STRATFOR Mailings: Fake vs Real?

January 07, 2012 Added by:Matthijs R. Koot

Infosec-savvy STRATFOR subscribers will look for clues to distinguish a fake email. Why would STRATFOR act in a manner that obfuscates four clues? STRATFOR knew about the breach since at least Dec 24/25, so I assume there has been time to advise on coping with fake mailings...

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Does Software Security Suffer When the Customer is No Longer Master?

November 22, 2011 Added by:Josh Shaul

When you measure the impact on share price, it’s not worth it to build secure software. Buyers are gobbling up the vulnerable stuff as quickly as they can get their hands on it, and the people who pay the price are those whose data is stolen and whose lives are turned upside down in the aftermath...

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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Could Escalate Fraud

November 22, 2011 Added by:Headlines

"With banks and financial institutions expanding this service to a retail customer base that often undergoes less stringent due diligence than do their commercial customers, is the potential for fraud increasing?"

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How Social Media Impacts Your Compliance Program

October 02, 2011 Added by:Thomas Fox

In a September 26, 2011 article in Forbes magazine, titled “Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution”, author David Kirkpatrick argues that the social media revolution has so empowered employees and customers that they will soon be calling the shots, not management...

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Data Breaches - Beyond the Impact of Fines

September 27, 2011 Added by:Emmett Jorgensen

With several high profile breaches this year, regulators have proposed data breach notification bills and heavy fines for organizations that fail to keep sensitive information safe. The real concern for organizations that have experienced a data breach, however, is customer confidence...

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Defining the Edge of Responsibility in Mobile Applications

September 15, 2011 Added by:Rafal Los

It is critical to let your customers know where your responsibility ends. One of the most dangerous things an organization can do is try to push that perimeter and to protect every client. This can get incredibly costly, and incredibly difficult to defend in court...

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Bad News For Banks: Courts Side With Customers

September 03, 2011 Added by:Robert Siciliano

The computer or other device the scammer used to access Comerica’s website could surely have been traced overseas and flagged for: hiding behind a proxy, device anomalies such as a time zone and browser language mismatch, past history of online scams and identity theft, and the list goes on...

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And Now a Word from Your Commonsense

August 18, 2011 Added by:Mike Meikle

As infosec pros debate the finer points of IPv6, cloud security, it behooves us to stop and remember our customers. They don’t care if your solution is FIPS certified and is SAS 70 compliant. They are only concerned if their identity is stolen and used to open a pickle stand in Zanzibar...

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Don't Lose Customers Over a Data Breach

July 28, 2011 Added by:Javvad Malik

Your competitors are taking advantage of your weakened state and swooping in on your customers, wooing them with offers too good to resist and promising them a life of security they deserve which you could never provide. Is there anything you can do to stem your losses?

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Understanding the Customer is the Key to Success

July 27, 2011 Added by:Rahul Neel Mani

ArcSight which was acquired by HP last year was started when the Dot Com bubble had burst. CTO Forum talks to Hugh Njemanze, ArcSight Founder and VP & CTO, HP Security Solutions about the company’s journey so far and how the company has been able to sustain a robust growth...

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