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Why Passwords Are the New Exploits

June 28, 2016 Added by:Nick Bilogorskiy

In the age of stolen passwords, compromised credentials are the easiest way in, simpler than phishing, malware or exploits. “Password confirmation” tools are now readily available to find reused passwords matching any website.

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Microsoft Blocks Certain Passwords

June 10, 2016 Added by:Dean Wiech

The steps Microsoft is making are definitely a move in the right direction to protect users from potential social hacking with easily guessable passwords.

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Where Are Your Default Admin Passwords?

June 24, 2011 Added by:Bozidar Spirovski

The passwords should be constructed in two parts, each part entered by different person, which increases the complexity significantly and reduces the possibility of using social knowledge of a single person to attack the password. Also, no one single person knows the password...

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LastPass Demonstrates Impeccable Crisis Handling

May 17, 2011 Added by:Ben Kepes

The actions of LastPass have been exemplary – the actual loss in this instance was either non-existent or negligible. Many larger companies would have simply brushed this under the table and perhaps introduced some new security measures under the cloak of a version update...

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Facebook Debuts Two-Factor Login Authentication

May 13, 2011 Added by:Headlines

The new authentication feature allows users the option of requiring that a one-time numeric authentication code be entered in addition to the standard username/password combination if the network detects a login attempt from a device that has not been previously saved by the user...

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How To Harden Your Passwords and Protect Your Base

May 09, 2011 Added by:Brent Huston

Preliminary scanning of some of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in North America, Europe, and Asia and uncovered thousands of embedded devices susceptible to attack, thanks to default credentials and remote administration panels being available to the Internet...

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LastPass Password Manager Issues Security Alert

May 05, 2011 Added by:Headlines

To counter the potential threat, LastPass is going to force everyone to change their master passwords. Additionally, they're going to want an indication that you're you, by either ensuring that you're coming from an IP block you've used before or by validating your email address...

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Authentication: The Holy Grail of Information Security

May 02, 2011 Added by:Brent Huston

Adding something you are to something you have and something you know makes it much more difficult to spoof identity, but still doesn’t render it impossible. And imagine the inconvenience. Seems like way too much just to protect some financial data or health information, huh?

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Faux Facebook Message Spreading Malware

April 13, 2011 Added by:Headlines

"Just because an email claims to hail from, or, realize that its headers could have been forged - and don't blindly follow its instructions unless you're absolutely certain it's legitimate..."

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