A Conversation With Richard Clarke – Part II

February 04, 2012 Added by:Fergal Glynn

Chris Wysopal and cyber security expert Richard Clarke continue their discussion on the changing cyber threat environment, the evolving cyber legislation landscape, and steps you can take to strengthen your organization’s resilience...

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A Conversation with Richard Clarke – Part I

January 31, 2012 Added by:Fergal Glynn

Chris Wysopal and internationally-renowned cyber security expert Richard Clarke discuss the changing cyber threat environment, the evolving cyber legislation landscape, and steps you can take to strengthen your organization’s resilience...

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Evidence of Chinese Attacks on US Defense Contractors

January 30, 2012 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

At least six Chinese IP addresses were used to proxy or host the command and control servers. The Netbox webserver is mainly used by those who speak Chinese. In fact, all the documentation to setup and learn the framework is only available in Mandarin...

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The Implications of Malware-as-a-Service

January 25, 2012 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Criminal operations are managed as corporations and malware is designed as a service, with a maniacal attention paid to product quality. The life cycle is the most amazing aspect: From design, release, to after sales support - each stage is implemented with care and attention...

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Roadmap to Exploitation: The OIG Imperative to Publish or Perish

January 23, 2012 Added by:

The majority of OIG organizations publish highly sensitive information as if they were assisting the agency. Just the opposite. They are ensuring a more rapid penetration of cyber defenses. Whose side of the equation here are you on? Why does this need to be public information?

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Internet-Wide Protests Against the Blacklist Legislation

January 18, 2012 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

The SOPA and PIPA blacklist bills are dangerous: if made into law, they would hamper innovation, kill jobs, wreak havoc on Internet security, and undermine the free speech principles upon which our country was founded...

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First Documented Case of Cyber Espionage?

January 15, 2012 Added by:Richard Stiennon

Thanks to a hacker group in India, Infosec Island has source material that demonstrates wide spread cyber espionage on the part of the Indian Government which the hackers may publish. This is a historically significant development for those of us who track cyber espionage...

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Exclusive: Indian Intelligence Infiltrated US Government Networks

January 10, 2012 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Infosec Island received sixty-eight sets of usernames and passwords for compromised US government network accounts which “The Lords of Dharmaraja” said were acquired from servers belonging to India’s Ministry of External affairs and the National Informatics Centre...

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Initiative to Protect the Electric Grid from Cyber Threats

January 09, 2012 Added by:Headlines

The project, a White House initiative led by the DOE in partnership with the DHS, will leverage private industry and public sector experts to build on existing cybersecurity strategies to create a more comprehensive and consistent approach to protecting the nation’s energy delivery system...

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NSA Launches CryptoChallenge Mobile Application

December 22, 2011 Added by:Headlines

The game is the latest digital communications effort designed to educate young adults on career opportunities with NSA and recruit the best and brightest to support NSA's cybersecurity initiatives...

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ENISA Report on Maritime Cyber Security

December 20, 2011 Added by:Stefano Mele

Due to the high complexity, it is major challenge to ensure adequate maritime cyber security. Development of good practices for the technology development and implementation of ICT systems would therefore ensure “security by design” for all critical maritime ICT components...

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Symantec Still Selling Huawei Equipment to the DoD

December 19, 2011 Added by:Jeffrey Carr

"In a letter to partners, North America channel chief Randy Cochran says the contract manufacturing relationship between Symantec and Huawei will remain unaffected, as will Symantec’s commitment to marketing and developing appliance-based solutions..."

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Internet Architects Oppose SOPA and PIPA Legislation

December 19, 2011 Added by:Headlines

Eighty-three innovators, inventors and engineers signed the letter that specifically calls for Congress to reject the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in an attempt to prevent government efforts to codify broad Internet censorship powers...

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NIST Revision Expands Government Authentication Options

December 16, 2011 Added by:Headlines

“Changes made to the document reflect changes in the state of the art. There are new techniques and tools available to government agencies, and this provides them more flexibility in choosing the best authentication methods for their individual needs, without sacrificing security..."

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Cyber Security and Illegal Information Operations

December 13, 2011 Added by:Joel Harding

The Concept of Convention on International Information Security was released in 2011 by the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, consisting of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This concept was floated to the UN as a construct for international cybersecurity...

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Debating Cyber Warfare Part III - Still More Questions from .GOV

December 13, 2011 Added by:Don Eijndhoven

As for cyber warfare, there are various internationally accepted legal frameworks and that can provide some help. Consider the Law of Armed Conflict or Universal Human Rights, both of which have received wide adoption and have led to increased cooperation among nation states...

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