The Business of Blogging

October 07, 2009 Added by:Sudha Nagaraj

Bloggers beware! You can no longer go berserk promoting this gizmo over that, vouching for X software over Y or push traffic on to a website through social marketing tools like tweets and Facebook posts.

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Extremely Sensitive US Secrets Found on P2P Networks

July 29, 2009 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

According to an article released by the Washington Post today, private firm, Tiversa, Inc, discovered extremely sensitive information on global P2P Networks.

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Not So Smart Grid?

July 14, 2009 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

According to a security researcher, the so-called Smart Grid technology being rolled out accross the country as part of the stimulus bill, may be vulnerable to numerous attacks. According to the researcher, many of the commands that allow the power company to interact with the smart-meters at the user's house (for example) do not require authentication, have no encryption and are ripe fo...

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Predictable Social Security Numbers

July 07, 2009 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

According to a story published by the Washington Post today, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found that your social security number could be determined just by knowing when and in what zip code you were born in.

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