Proactively Hardening Systems Against Intrusion: Configuration Hardening

May 13, 2014 Added by:Tripwire Inc

What do we mean when we talk about “hardening systems” to repel exploits and withstand intrusions? Much of this is captured in three simple concepts.

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Researchers Find Evidence of Bogus Certs Used in HTTPS Connections

May 12, 2014 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Though the threat has been recognized in theory for some time, researchers have now found direct evidence that bogus digital certificates not issued and authorized by legitimate site owners have been employed in establishing seemingly secure HTTPS connections.

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DOE Cyber Security Procurement Language – Is It Comprehensive Enough

May 06, 2014 Added by:Joe Weiss

DOE recently issued their revised report on Cyber security procurement Language for Energy Delivery Systems dated April 2014.

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SecurityWeek Acquires Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Conference Series

April 28, 2014 Added by:InfosecIsland News

SecurityWeek announced that it has acquired the ICS Cybersecurity Conference series, the leading organizer of cybersecurity-focused events for the industrial control systems sector.

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Heartbleed Facts and Fictions

April 28, 2014 Added by:Rebecca Herold

Here are the most common questions, and associated answers, that I’ve received from several of my small- to midsized clients about Heartbleed that have involved the most confusion; let’s clear up that misunderstanding!

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The Enterprise Network: Effective Protection Strategies

April 24, 2014 Added by:John Grady

The first step is to think strategically, which means creating policies and procedures aimed at the enterprise network as a whole rather than handling issues case by case.

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Detecting OpenSSL-Heartbleed with Nmap & Exploiting with Metasploit

April 21, 2014 Added by:Dan Dieterle

You can now quickly detect the OpenSSL-Heartbleed vulnerability very quickly on a network using the ever popular nmap command, and with the latest modules from Metasploit you can quickly see the exploit in action.

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Understanding What Constitutes Your Attack Surface

April 21, 2014 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Put simply, your attack surface is the sum of your security risk exposure. Put another way, it is the aggregate of all known, unknown and potential vulnerabilities and controls across all software, hardware, firmware and networks.

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FBI Plans to Have 52 Million Photos in its NGI Face Recognition Database by Next Year

April 14, 2014 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

New documents released by the FBI show that the Bureau is well on its way toward its goal of a fully operational face recognition database by this summer.

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IAM Proofs of Concept (POC) - An Inefficient Use of Time and Money

April 08, 2014 Added by:Ranjeet Vidwans

Identity and Access Management is as much about process as it is technology.

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Bipartisan Policy Committee Report on Cyber Security of the Electric Grid – What’s Missing

March 17, 2014 Added by:Joe Weiss

I believe the only means for cyber threats to cause long term and wide-spread grid failure is through compromising the control systems of facilities leading to physical damage of long-lead time critical equipment such as transformers and turbines.

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On Threat Intelligence Sources

March 05, 2014 Added by:Anton Chuvakin

Where does threat intelligence come from?

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SOHO pharming attack hit more that 300,000 devices worldwide

March 04, 2014 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Another mass compromise of small office/home office (SOHO) wireless routers has been uncovered by researchers from security firm Team Cymru.

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Congress Must Update Email Privacy Law

February 27, 2014 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

A bill co-sponsored by Reps. Kevin Yoder, Tom Graves, and Jared Polis—HR 1852, The Email Privacy Act—seeks to update ECPA by requiring a probable cause warrant whenever the government wants to access your online private messages.

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What's The Next Reflection Attack

February 20, 2014 Added by:Alan Woodward

Two years ago we were all talking about DNS reflection attacks and the possibility that they may make an appearance. A year later they did just that, and on a massive scale.

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How to Make Better Threat Intelligence Out of Threat Intelligence Data?

February 19, 2014 Added by:Anton Chuvakin

One of the key uses for threat intelligence (TI) data is making better threat intelligence data out of it.

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