Security Policy Pontification

June 28, 2010 Added by:Mike Meikle

I recently answered a question regarding why the security policies for remote access were difficult to manage and adapt to change. The question came through Linkedin from a PR professional. “So why is the policy so hard to adapt?..."

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More IT complexity = More data-centric security

June 27, 2010 Added by:Eli Talmor

IT security professionals are engaged in a game of cat and mouse with hackers. As fast as they deploy security countermeasures, these rogue elements discover loopholes or entirely new avenues of attack. Traditional security methods have relied upon closely guarding the perimeter of a company's network.

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Cloud Computing Data Protection World Map

June 25, 2010 Added by:Bozidar Spirovski

Security and privacy in cloud computing are hot topics, and everyone has a take on it. Cloud computing providers deliver their levels of security and privacy by their internal policies and procedures, but the rigidity of these policies are strongly influenced by government regulations.

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What could BP learn from our industry?

June 24, 2010 Added by:Jason Remillard

So do I think BP could learn from our industry on incident and emergency response? To be sure, they are very different industries, impacts and processes. However, for me, the responsibilty of business to be protective of their clients, supportive and acknowledging of client concerns and responsible for their actions.

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Telco SLA Parameters and Penalties

June 23, 2010 Added by:Bozidar Spirovski

Communication links provided by Telco providers are critical to most businesses. And as any network admin will tell you, these links tend to have outages, ranging from small interruptions up to massive breakdowns that can last for days.

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How to get certified against ISO 27001?

June 23, 2010 Added by:Dejan Kosutic

You have been implementing ISO 27001 for quite a long time, invested quite a lot in education, consultancy and implementation of various controls. Now comes the auditor from a certification body - will you pass the certification?

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ISAlliance Priority Projects for 2010

June 22, 2010 Added by:Marjorie Morgan

In conjunction with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), ISA published its first handbook for enterprises which examines corporate cyber security from an economic perspective as much as the technical one.

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Social Media Policy

June 21, 2010 Added by:Javvad Malik

A humourous look at the realities in many organizations surrounding Social Media and the associated security risks and policy decisions.

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No Internet Kill Switch is No Guarantee

June 13, 2010 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

In continued efforts to centralize the cybersecurity authority within the White House, more than 40 bills have been introduced that will dramatically alter the balance of power between the government and the private sector. Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010 will shift the responsibility of federal agency cybersecurity from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to DHS by cre...

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DHS Cyber Security Resources Catalog

June 12, 2010 Added by:Marjorie Morgan

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a "Private Sector Resources Catalog" collecting training, publications, guidance, alerts, newsletters, programs, and services available to the private sector. This is the first such effort to encompass all of DHS and represents a commitment to facilitate public access and increase transparency.

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Divine Security Policy

June 12, 2010 Added by:Javvad Malik

So companies spend countless hours writing their security policies and this isn't an easy task. Each policy has to be drafted, proof read, re-drafted, re-proof read and then published. It's at this point that the real fun begins where users have to be educated in the ways of the new policy. Gap analysis have to be conducted and new baselines set.

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