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New PCI Compliance Study

February 16, 2015 Added by:PCI Guru

Dr. Branden Williams and the Merchants Acquirer Committee (MAC) have issued a new report on PCI compliance and the impact of breaches on merchants and MAC members.

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PoS Malware Kits Rose in Underground in 2014: Report

February 12, 2015 Added by:Brian Prince

In 2014, while several major companies were coping with breaches of their PoS infrastructure, many smaller retailers were facing the same threat from less-organized groups.

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Breach Detection: At Least as Important as Perimeter Security

February 12, 2015 Added by:Mike Jawetz

If reactionary management of risk is inefficient and impulsive, why do most of us still do it?

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The Anthem Breach Lesson – A Different Perspective

February 12, 2015 Added by:Cyphort

It’s high time for us to work on adopting best security practices and start implementing a more effective posture.

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Top 5 Malware Trends on the Horizon

February 11, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Here are 5 malware trends on the horizon that IT professionals should be on the lookout for as they impact organizations and individuals across the globe.

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Planning for the Unknown: 2 Key Steps to Prepare for Cyber Threats

February 11, 2015 Added by:Arabella Hallawell

Do businesses have incident response plans in place, and if so, what are some of the best practices that CSOs should implement as part of their security response plans?

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We Need to Talk About Attribution

February 11, 2015 Added by:Jack Daniel

One of the InfoSec community’s greatest distractions lately has been attribution, both specifically and generically.

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Europe: More than Just ‘Stumbling Forward’ to Improved Cybersecurity

February 11, 2015 Added by:Patrick Oliver Graf

Two years ago almost to the day, months before cyberattacks entered the world’s collective consciousness, the European Union took the bold step of publishing an ambitious cybersecurity strategy. The strategy aims to outline the best path forward for identifying and responding to emerging digital threats.

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Humanizing Non-Human High Privileged Accounts

February 10, 2015 Added by:Identropy

Every IT environment has them. They are called by a variety of names: Non-human accounts; system accounts; service accounts; administrator accounts; shared accounts; group accounts; and the list goes on. What is common is that they have exceedingly high privileges to often the most critical areas of an IT environment.

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Poor SIEM – Why Do We Doom You to Fail?

February 10, 2015 Added by:Robert Eslinger

Some say the current SIEM status quo provides no value and must evolve if it’s to survive. But I believe these views stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of what SIEM does (or should do).

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Anthem Breach: How Hackers Stole Credentials and Why Two-Factor Authentication May Help Prevent Future Phishing Scams

February 09, 2015 Added by:Thu Pham

If the Anthem attack was carried out as the result of using a single password, their access security wasn’t up to industry standards. Two-factor authentication may have thwarted attacks by requiring the use of a personal device to verify the identity of a system administrator or other technical employee with access to their database of millions of sensitive records.

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Anthem Breach: 5 Preventive Steps to Protect Businesses Against Electronic Data Theft

February 05, 2015 Added by:Kevin Watson

This breach highlights that data security is not an issue limited to those processing credit cards. Businesses of all types must think of the type of information stored in their systems and realize they are only as secure as their weakest system.

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The 60/40 Security Rule

February 05, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

On any journey we take as we progress though life, occasions will arise when we arrive at a juncture where we recognize that somewhere way-back, we may have taken a wrong turn, which has brought us to a less than ideal place – an imposition which I believe we find ourselves in today with mitigating cyber crime and its associated threats.

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Social Media Targeting: A Cautionary Tale

February 05, 2015 Added by:Brent Huston

The mission was simple, obtain either a file that listed more than 100 of their key suppliers, or obtain credentials and successfully logon to their internal supply system from an account that could obtain such a file.

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Fighting Cyber Threats While Taking Human Behavior Into Consideration

February 04, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Security managers often find that what they put on paper is only half of the story. Getting the corporation to “cooperate” and follow the policy all the time can be far more challenging than it seems. So why do employees seem to be so reluctant?

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Security Analytics: Projects vs Boxes (Build vs Buy)?

February 04, 2015 Added by:Anton Chuvakin

So, it may seem that there is now a BUILD vs BUY choice…but is there?!

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