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Phones, Phablets and Clouds - Securing Today’s New Infrastructure

December 03, 2014 Added by:Steve Durbin

Despite the undeniable corporate and consumer interest, the security and privacy implications of cloud and mobile connected devices are concerning many security professionals. Countless organizations are still playing catch up – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) polices are only starting to be embedded, reviewed and updated. IT departments are overwhelmed with the amount of devices entering the workp...

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Regin: A Malicious Platform Capable Of Spying on GSM Networks

November 25, 2014 Added by:InfosecIsland News

Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team has published its research on Regin - the first cyber-attack platform known to penetrate and monitor GSM networks in addition to other "standard" spying tasks.

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Can Hackers Get Past Your Password?

November 05, 2014 Added by:Steve Durbin

Password-based authentication is easy and familiar for customers, and is initially inexpensive for organizations to deploy at scale. But, while password-based authentication may be appropriate in some instances, it is no longer suitable for the wide range of services where it is currently being used.

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The True Cost of a Data Breach

October 20, 2014 Added by:Thu Pham

iThemes, a WordPress (WP) security provider, was recently breached and approximately 60,000 clients in their membership database had a slew of information stolen, including usernames, passwords, IP addresses and more. But, what is of particular concern is the fact that the company was storing their members’ passwords in plain text, which they admitted was in error in a 

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US Formally Charges Chinese Military Officials for Hacking

May 19, 2014 Added by:Dan Dieterle

For years China has turned to hacking to close the technology gap between them and other nations. Termed “cyber-espionage”, Chinese hackers targeted hi-tech US companies and stole confidential research and development data.

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EFF to the United Nations: Protect Individuals Right to Privacy in The Digital Age

March 10, 2014 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

We call upon the Human Rights Committee to note the thirteen 13 International Principles for the Application of Human Rights to Communications a guidance for understanding a State Party’s compliance with Article 17 on the right to privacy.

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Security Bloggers Network Social Security Awards 2014 Finalists Announced

January 30, 2014 Added by:Joe Franscella

The Security Blogger Network (SBN), the largest collection of information-security-focused blogs and podcasts in the world, has announced the SBN Social Security Awards 2014 finalists.

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The Evolving Value of Event Data for Effective Security

November 26, 2013 Added by:Danny Banks

Innovative enterprise security teams realize the importance of security event data and are changing the way they collect and store information for greater insight into the threat landscape.

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Security Advisor Alliance, A Nonprofit of Elite CISOs giving back to the community.

November 12, 2013 Added by:Jason Clark

Security Advisor Alliance is a nonprofit group of Top security leaders from the Global 1000 who have come together to donate time each week to help our peers in any area of security as a pro-bono service.

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Belgacom Hack, State-sponsored Attack Hypothesis

September 18, 2013 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Belgacom hack, the telecommunications company found evidence of digital intrusion in the company systems, many experts believe in a state-sponsored attack.

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Sabu Incited State-sponsored Attack for US Government

September 02, 2013 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Former LulzSec leader Sabu (Hector Xavier Monsegur) accused by the hacker Jeremy Hammond to have incited state-sponsored attack for the U.S. Government.

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Cyber Security and Terrorism – See Something, Say Something

August 08, 2013 Added by:Jon Stout

he existing cyber security computing model of the past decade, based on firewalls, anti-viral services, intrusion detection controls, etc., is no longer adequate to help organizations mitigate cyber-security risk.

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Cyber Security Failures: Value of the Human Firewall

August 07, 2013 Added by:Jon Stout

The computing security model of the past decade, based on firewalls, anti-viral services, intrusion detection controls, system event monitoring, VPNs, etc., is failing to detect and block the most advanced malware. That is serious enough. But what’s worse is that this traditional defense model is of little use in preventing what many experts feel is the greatest threat to cyber security: human e...

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Gen. Alexander Can’t Access Daughters' Emails, Says NSA Only Interested in Terrorists

August 01, 2013 Added by:Joe Franscella

On Wednesday, National Security Agency (NSA) Director General Keith Alexander informed a rather tame crowd (with the exception of one or two hecklers) that his agency isn’t interested in phone or other digital communications unless they impact foreign intelligence gathering or involve known or suspected terrorists. A day later a couple’s home was raided after the husband and wife searched “p...

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Cyber Security and Social Engineering – A True Case Study

August 01, 2013 Added by:Jon Stout

There are powerful integrated security dashboards that can be installed and modified to meet each user’s particular needs. Now a company can create hundreds if not thousands of employee cyber warriors with a relatively small investment.

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Black Hat News Storm Underway; Cisco, Big Card Hacks Also Making Hay

July 26, 2013 Added by:Joe Franscella

Black Hat USA 2013 (@blackhatevents) kicks off Saturday, running through next Wednesday – what a busy and exciting time for everyone in the cybersecurity industry and the news and PR machines.

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