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IEEE Takes Lead in Medical Device Security Standards

May 28, 2015 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has taken the lead in medical device security standards with the release of Building Code for Medical Device Software Security, a set of guidelines to encourage companies to establish a secure baseline for medical software development and production practices.

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Sign of the Times: Verizon Breach Report Tracks New Category

May 27, 2015 Added by:Peter Zavlaris

This year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (VDBIR) added a new category to its VERIS (Vocabulary for Event Recording and Incident Sharing) to track attacks with “secondary” motives.

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Why Outsourcing Remote Access Management Isn't The Answer For SMBs

May 27, 2015 Added by:Patrick Oliver Graf

So, should network administrators consider tapping into MSPs for network security in our current environment? The core issue is a common one in network security – convenience vs. security.

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More Possible Common Threads in Major ICS Cyber Incidents – Unintended System Interactions

May 25, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

One of the most important aspects in addressing ICS cyber security is the concept of “systems of systems”. Unlike IT where you can test a box and label it and the system secure, control system cyber security requires testing the overall system.

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Traffic Intelligence: Open vs. Closed Crowd-Sourced

May 21, 2015 Added by:Jonathan Curtis

This comparison is quite analogous to the differences I’ve experienced between simple threat feeds and premium threat intelligence offerings. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion as to how.

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The Logjam Attack: What You Need to Know

May 21, 2015 Added by:Malwarebytes

A group of security researchers and computer scientists have recently uncovered a vulnerability in how a Diffie-Hellman key exchange is deployed on the web.

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Shock Therapy for Medical Device Malware

May 20, 2015 Added by:Danny Lieberman

An enterprise hospital network is a dangerous place.

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DDoS Attacks Spiked in Q1 2015: Akamai

May 20, 2015 Added by:Brian Prince

The first quarter of the year set a record for the number of DDoS attacks observed across Akamai's Prolexic network, with the total number of attacks being more than double the number recorded in the first quarter of 2014.

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FBI Says Researcher Admitted Hacking Airplane in Mid-Flight

May 19, 2015 Added by:Eduard Kovacs

A researcher who specializes in aircraft security admitted hacking into an airplane’s systems during a flight and successfully sending a climb command to one of the engines, according to an FBI search warrant application.

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Top Three Attack Vectors for SAP Systems

May 19, 2015 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

A new study based on the assessment of hundreds of SAP implementations found that over 95% of SAP systems were exposed to vulnerabilities that could lead to full compromise of an organization’s critical data.

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It’s NOT the Technology Failing, It’s the Provisioning

May 18, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Over the last year or so, it has become increasingly obvious that there is a uniformity related to technology failures, and more than one would be expected to encounter.

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Networked Devices Fueling Rise in DDoS Reflection Attacks

May 14, 2015 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Vulnerable network devices such as unprotected routers and printers are fueling an increase in the number and magnitude of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, many of which are employing reflection amplification techniques.

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VENOM Bug Poison to Virtual Environments, Not Bigger Than Heartbleed: Experts

May 14, 2015 Added by:Brian Prince

Perhaps it is not surprising that any time a critical new bug appears comparisons to other notorious bugs come soon after.

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When Your Surgeon Really Is a Hack

May 13, 2015 Added by:Robert Vamosi

There’s been a quiet revolution going on within hospitals, mostly in the United States.

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Falling Off the End of the Cyber Kill Chain

May 11, 2015 Added by:Anup Ghosh

In our zeal to declare prevention dead, we should not lose sight that $1 spent on prevention is worth $1M in post-breach incident response.

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Rombertik Strike at MBR Latest in Long Line of Malware Self-Defense Tactics

May 07, 2015 Added by:Brian Prince

The malware, known as Rombertik, is the latest in a long line of examples of malware designed to make the lives of analysts and researchers harder.

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