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Dark Technology: Are You (Unknowingly) Putting Your Organization At Risk?

January 21, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

As we go about our daily lives, we are leaving subliminal digital traces behind us from our logical footprint.

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Cyber-Civic Responsibility

January 21, 2015 Added by:Brent Huston

The only thing that really has a chance of working is if we all start taking responsibility for our own share of the problem.

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State of the Union Advice to President Obama

January 20, 2015 Added by:Alan Cohen

Why the American government must play an essential role in catalyzing a national response to the emerging cyber crisis, business and private citizens can also take a leading role in safeguarding our data and preserving both our way of life and our commercial base. Here are 4 areas worth considering in the context of business.

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The NERC CIP's Are Not Making the Grid More Secure or Reliable

January 20, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

The North American Electric Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cyber security standards were developed to increase the cyber security and reliability of the electric grid. Unfortunately, they are not doing either.

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Microsoft SysInternals is Prone to False Negatives When Testing for Escalation of Privileges

January 20, 2015 Added by:Amit Serper

If we didn’t already get the memo in 2014, the Sony hack serves as a harsh reminder of how easy it is for attackers to hide undetected, inside a network for long periods of time.

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Buying Illegal Goods on the Digital Underground

January 19, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

The fact that Silk Road has returned is a testament to users’ ongoing ability to purchase illegal goods online, not to mention merchants’ ability to sell these products.

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Network Segmentation: A Best Practice We Should All be Using

January 19, 2015 Added by:Brent Huston

It would be nice to be able to say that we are winning the war; that network security efforts are slowly getting the better of the bad guys. But I can’t do that.

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The Five Things CSOs Need to Know About Software-Defined Security

January 19, 2015 Added by:Carson Sweet

Software-defined security changes the game for the CISO and their teams. Security can now move to being an enabler for enterprises that are taking advantage of the business value offered by cloud services and infrastructure, without sacrificing security or compliance.

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The Risk Within: Could an Ex-Employee Be Responsible for the Sony Hack?

January 19, 2015 Added by:Patrick Oliver Graf

One month ago, we asked, “What network security lessons can we learn from the Sony attack?” Since then, new information has been slow to trickle out, save for the FBI’s mid-December statement that assigned responsibility to the North Korean government.

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How Verizon and Turn Defeat Browser Privacy Protections

January 15, 2015 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Verizon advertising partner Turn has been caught using Verizon Wireless's UIDH tracking header to resurrect deleted tracking cookies and share them with dozens of major websites and ad networks, forming a vast web of non-consensual online tracking.

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Social Engineering: How Dangerous is Your Lunch Break?

January 15, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

If an attacker (or anyone else) wants to know what’s going on in an organization, all they need to do is go to lunch.

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Don’t Trust your Router “Update” Feature

January 15, 2015 Added by:Dan Dieterle

With all the news of router exploits and compromised units being used by hacker groups for attacks, make sure you include installing router firmware updates as part of your scheduled maintenance routine.

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How to Avoid Getting Phished

January 14, 2015 Added by:Brent Huston

It’s much easier for an attacker to “hack a human” than “hack a machine”. This is why complicated attacks against organizations often begin with the end user.

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Fear Hackers? First Invest in an IT Security Culture Change

January 14, 2015 Added by:Kevin L. Jackson

With all the news these days about cyberterrorism and hacking the cloud may seem like the last place you would want to put your precious information.

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British Prime Minister Wants to Ban Online Messaging Apps Including WhatsApp

January 13, 2015 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Prime Minister Cameron said that the UK would pursue banning encrypted messaging apps if the Intelligence was not given access to the communications.

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Security Analytics – Finally Emerging For Real?

January 13, 2015 Added by:Anton Chuvakin

Security analytics – a topic as exciting and as fuzzy as ever!

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