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Hackers Impersonating Feds buy $1.5 Million worth of PC Supplies

April 07, 2014 Added by:Dan Dieterle

“Spear phishing fraud” has been used by hackers impersonating federal entities to create fraudulent orders for large amounts of PC supplies including toners, ink cartridges and even laptops.

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Yahoo Protects Users with Lots More Encryption

April 03, 2014 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

We were thrilled to hear today that Yahoo is carrying through a concerted effort to protect users across its sites and services by rolling out routine encryption in several parts of its infrastructure

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On Complexity & Bureaucracy vs Security…

April 02, 2014 Added by:Brent Huston

“Things have always been done this way.” —> Doesn’t mean they will be done that way in the future, or even that this is a good way.

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Tesla Cars Hackable – Protected by 6 character Password

April 02, 2014 Added by:Dan Dieterle

Black Hat Asia presenter and security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani explained last week that the car could be locked and unlocked by cracking a short password.

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Remote Desktop’s Restricted Admin: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

April 01, 2014 Added by:Tal Be'ery

One of the new security features in the latest Windows release (Windows 8.1) is the “Restricted Admin mode for Remote Desktop Connection”. This measure is meant to enhance Windows credential protection against attacks such as Pass-the-Hash and Pass-the-Ticket. However, it appears that cure might be worse than the disease as the new “Restricted Admin mode” opens a new attack surface for the...

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Full Disclosure: The Rebirth

March 31, 2014 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Today, Full Disclosure is alive again, the advisories are flowing, the banter is cheerful, and the trolling has already started.

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Reforming Terms of Service: Microsoft Changes Its Policy on Access to User Data

March 31, 2014 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

We commend Microsoft for its willingness to reconsider its policies, and we think it made the right decision.

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Pros and Cons of US-Based Cloud Services

March 31, 2014 Added by:Gilad Parann-Nissany

Any company or individual using cloud services today should encrypt data in addition to their firewall, anti-virus and other security measures. Incidentally, it is also encouraged by regulation in several sensitive sectors, notably businesses in the health industry under HIPAA patient and data privacy laws and the payment card industry under PCI DSS standards.

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We Have to Find Ways to Reinforce Trust

March 29, 2014 Added by:Jarno Limnéll

We are losing the battle for cyberspace. Not because malicious actors are taking over the digital world, but because we are forgetting what is the element that makes us feel safe and secure in any world: the ability to trust.

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Be Wary: Hackers are Readying Security Updates for XP Users

March 27, 2014 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Approximately 40% of PC users still run desktop versions of Windows XP as well. Windows XP has been regarded by many as the best version of Windows ever.

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When Security Tools Cry Wolf

March 27, 2014 Added by:Ken Westin

With the rising number and complexity of security tools at our fingertips, sometimes everything looks like an alert so nothing becomes actionable.

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The Power of Change

March 26, 2014 Added by:Wendy Nather

I believe that most of security relies on detecting and controlling change. And there are so many aspects to change that have to be considered.

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How to Use Threat Intelligence with Your SIEM?

March 26, 2014 Added by:Anton Chuvakin

SIEM and Threat Intelligence (TI) feeds are a marriage made in heaven! Indeed, every SIEM user should send technical TI feeds into their SIEM tool.

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Will the Demise of XP Shut Down Your Business…or Heart?

March 25, 2014 Added by:Rebecca Herold

According to NetMarketShare at the end of February, 2014, 30% of all folks using Windows desktop computers were still running Windows XP.

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Missing the (opportunity of) Target

March 25, 2014 Added by:Jack Daniel

What we have is an opportunity to make customers and some merchants happier by standardizing technology across the globe - and we could slide a little increase in security into the process at the same time.

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Microsoft Says: Come Back with a Warrant, Unless You’re Microsoft

March 24, 2014 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

The search in the Kibkalo case may have revealed criminal activity, but it was also conducted in Microsoft’s self-interest, which is an exceedingly dangerous precedent.

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