Gonzalez pleads guilty, sentenced to 15-25 years

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Associated Press has reported that Albert Gonzalezhas agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft charges.

Under a plea agreement with federal prosecutors filed in Boston on Friday, Albert Gonzalez would serve a sentence of 15 to 25 years after pleading guilty to a 19-count indictment. He would also forfeit some $2.8 million in cash, a Miami condo, a car and expensive frakelry.

Gonzalez, 28, is charged with swiping credit and debit card numbers of more than 170 million accounts.

Kim Zetter of Threat Level reports:

The agreement resolves the case against Gonzalez in Massachusetts — which charged him with hacking into TJX, Barnes & Noble and OfficeMax — as well as a case in the eastern district of New York that charged him with hacking into the Dave & Busters restaurant change.

Still outstanding are charges filed last week in New Jersey alleging that Gonzalez also hacked into Heartland Payment Systems, Hannaford Brothers, ATMs stationed in 7-11 stores, and two unnamed national retailers.

Yesterday, StorefrontBacktalk indicated that the two unnamed retailers are J.C. Penney and Target.

Original Source: http://www.databreaches.net/?p=6925
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