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Security Defect Testing

October 08, 2009 from: The Oracle Global Product Security Blog

Software vendors aim to release defect-free products. Earlier posts have discussed Oracle Software Security Assurance (OSSA) program and its processes that aim to get us as close to this goal as possible. Automated testing is an important part of OSSA as it helps catch problems missed in earlier stages of the development...

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Overcoming Objections to an Application Security Program

August 17, 2009 from: Jeremiah Grossman's Blog

Today a large percentage of security professionals truly “get” application security. They understand the importance, the best-practices, the value, etc. What inhibits their success the most in building an effective application security program is a lack of buy-in from the business and support from development groups.

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Security Religions and Risk Windows

August 09, 2009 from: Jeremiah Grossman's Blog

Information security threats are way up, fraud losses continue to rise, regulatory fines are increasingly common, and budget dollars to solve the myriad of problems are in short supply. Hampered by a sluggish economy, organizations simply cannot afford to hire all the talent they need, implement every best-practice, or buy every blinking light widget out there. Sacrifices are unavoidable, risk mus...

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