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Super Nuclear Worm Invades Kazakhstan

October 03, 2010 from: AEON Security Blog

When I first heard about Stuxnet, it made me shrug my shoulders just as much as I shrugged when hearing about Aurora – the “(un)Advanced Persistent Threat.” Outside from all the hype, the entire concept of “Stuxnet” being a “highly weaponized targeted” threat is way out of tune with reality. From everything I have read so far, everyone seems to be repeating what everyone else is repe...

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Audit of Dept of Energy reveals unaddressed problems

August 18, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

The Department of Energy and its contractors store and process massive quantities of sensitive information to accomplish national security, energy, science, and environmental missions. Sensitive unclassified data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), official use only, and unclassified controlled nuclear information require special handling and protection to prevent misuse of the inf...

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