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SecurityWeek Names Ryan Naraine as Editor-at-Large

January 18, 2021 Added by:InfosecIsland News

SecurityWeek has named Ryan Naraine as Editor-at-Large, adding a veteran cybersecurity journalist and podcaster to its editorial team.

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Why Cyber Security Should Be at the Top of Your Christmas List

December 17, 2020 Added by:Steve Durbin

To take advantage of emerging trends in both technology and cyberspace, businesses need to manage risks in ways beyond those traditionally handled by the information security function.

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United States Federal Government’s Shift to Identity-Centric Security

December 17, 2020 Added by:Frank Briguglio

Governments are increasingly facing new legislation, standards, frameworks, and policies to protect critical and sensitive information.

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How Extreme Weather Will Create Chaos on Infrastructure

October 21, 2020 Added by:Steve Durbin

Extreme weather events will soon become more frequent and widespread, devastating areas of the world that typically don’t experience them and amplifying the destruction in areas that do.

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BSIMM11 Observes the Cutting Edge of Software Security Initiatives

October 21, 2020 Added by:Taylor Armerding

In addition to helping an organization start an SSI, the BSIMM also gives them a way to evaluate the maturity of their SSI.

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Sustaining Video Collaboration Through End-to-End Encryption

October 21, 2020 Added by:Michael Armer

By infusing end-to-end encryption into any video strategy, it ensures not only the sustainability of the channel, but the businesses that rely on it.

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Will Robo-Helpers Help Themselves to Your Data?

September 08, 2020 Added by:Steve Durbin

Are you sure that your robo-helpers are secure?

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Securing the Hybrid Workforce Begins with Three Crucial Steps

September 02, 2020 Added by:Rick Vanover

The global shift to a remote workforce has redefined the way organizations structure their business models.

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A New Strategy for DDoS Protection: Log Analysis on Steroids

August 26, 2020 Added by:Dave Armlin

Incorporating a data lake philosophy into your security strategy is like putting log analysis on steroids.

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COVID-19 Aside, Data Protection Regulations March Ahead: What To Consider

August 26, 2020 Added by:Terry Ray

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are obligated to comply with many laws governing data security and privacy

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